Canyon Lake – Why Buy Now?

Canyon Lake always has wonderful things to entertain its residence. It is a great place to watch Skiers, people as they  participate in the myriad of activities and at this time of year Canyon Lake gets lots of beautiful birds that stop here on their way South for the winter.

In fact the lake on which my home sits is very exciting to see every morning.  We have huge white pelicans, white egrets, ducks that swim in circles, blue heron and Cormorants. When I open the door to the patio to sneak out to snap a picture, they fly away.

It is therefore  very difficult to really get a good picture that looks like the seen from my kitchen window. I have done my best to catch a few, but if you really want to see and marvel, you will just have to come to live in Canyon Lake. The current state of the economy makes it a perfect time to buy a home here.

Whether you buy a home in Canyon Lake because of the birds, or because of the skiing, or because real estate is so inexpensive these days, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you’re here.

It’s a little bit of paradise.