Canyon Lake Ski Club

I met my husband as a blind date to go water skiing at Canyon Lake, California.  Little did I know that after 35 years of marriage, my dedicated-to-tournaments 82 year old husband would still be water skiing with his buddies every morning after his bike ride around the Canyon Lake community.

The ski club is a close-knit group of wonderful people who are passionate about skiing and really care about each other.  The older members teach the young ones how to ski while staying young themselves because of the association’s many activities.

Our members represent all levels of water skiers and always seem to be a big part of any Western Regional tournament when the medals are awarded.

The ski club puts on water ski shows for the community on all kinds of Holidays.  Santa can be seen skiing around the lake on Christmas morning, and breakfast with Santa is a regular event sponsored by the club.

The first Saturday of each New Year anyone can take a ride around the lake without benefit of wet suit on Polar bear day.  There is always a nice warm bond fire on the beach and hot chocolate to warm the participants.

The Canyon Lake Ski Club has an online video camera set up so you can check out what’s happening on the lake. Click to see what’s happening at Canyon Lake right now.

Or, watch this beautiful video about the Canyon Lake Ski Club.

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