Canyon Lake Fantasy Day

The other day I was showing this young couple with two children “Betsy’s neighborhood” (that’s what I call Canyon Lake).

As I drove over the causeway, several boats were stopped in the water adorned with some teens in bathing suites that showed off their young tan bodies. They waved at my client who asked “Did you set that up?”

Then we went down to the waters edge and several ducks swam across our path.

“Queue the ducks”

The family in my car was so astonished they kept asking if this is really as wonderful a place to live as it seemed. I assured them that Canyon Lake is like that every day because it started as a recreational community so people who live here or our weekenders have fun every day.

The stables are full of horse lovers practicing their sport.

The water ski Slalom course has some of the top skiers and novices that love to learn from the experts.

Jumpers use the jump lagoon and the golf course is full of fun loving golfers who help youngsters as well as oldsters enjoy the game.

Every holiday, there are lots of folks who love to celebrate with the theme of the day.

It is so much fun to show off my neighborhood to people who enjoy our wonderful atmosphere. I always feel it is like taking a child to Disneyland for the first time.